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The 1# flying shear is located between the roughing mill and intermediate rolling mill. For cutting head, cutting tail of coming bar,as well accident chopping. The Technical Specification are as follows Type: crank type, start-stop working system Function: cutting head, tail and accident chopping Maximum shear section: 5160 mm2 Shearable rolling speed: 0.5~1.35m/s Shear temperature: ≥850℃ DC motor 1 set Motor model: ZTFS-355-42 Work rate: 355KW Motor speed: 500r/min

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Bearing and Bearing Chock

The rolling mill is the important equipment that implements the metal rolling process. It has the characteristics of large load, high speed, harsh working environment, frequent roll changes, and high precision requirements. Both bearing and bearing chock are the key parts served to the rolling mill machine. Bearing chock The rolling mill bearing chock is one of the important components of the rolling equipment. The rolling mill chock is the direct bearer of the roll load.

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Cardan shaft and coupling

There are many structural types of universal couplings, such as: cross shaft type, ball cage type, ball fork type, bump type, ball pin type, ball hinge type, ball hinge plunger type, three pin type, three fork rod type , three-ball pin type, hinged rod type, etc.; the most commonly used is the cross-axis type, followed by the ball cage type. In practical applications, according to the size of the transmitted torque, they are divided into heavy, medium, light and small.

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Cold Roll Forming

Raw material: Coils, Strips,Plates and other metal materials. Final product: Specific section profile as Client’s demand Machinery Application: The cold roll forming production line is customized equipment that can integrate many processes and systems required for production according to the different demands from clients, such as automatic material change system, cutting and stamping system, as well complex welding, riveting, bending, handling and packaging system etc. These systems can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

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