induction heating equipment of copper ingot

The induction heating equipment of copper ingot is the main equipment for heating copper bar and copper ingot forging. The electromagnetic induction heating principle is adopted to achieve rapid heating, which ensures the uniformity of heating temperature of copper bar, high efficiency, simple and convenient operation, energy saving and reliable operation. This equipment is equipped with automatic temperature measurement, temperature control and automatic feeding and discharging system, so that the induction heating of copper ingot forms an automatic production line, and is also an indispensable heating equipment for intelligent factories.

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Medium frequency furnace cooling water requirements

The cooling water of the medium frequency furnace is a topic that cannot be separated from the heating of the medium frequency furnace. This cooling water is to reduce the heat generated during the working process of the intermediate frequency furnace and ensure the normal operation of the intermediate frequency furnace. Its role is to take away the heat generated inside the intermediate frequency furnace to ensure its stable operation. If it is not cooled in time, it may affect the heating power of the intermediate frequency furnace, and even burn the equipment, so the role of the cooling water of the intermediate frequency furnace is very important.

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Process flow of round steel heat treatment equipment

Round steel heat treatment equipment is applied to the heating and quenching of PC steel bars, endowing them with characteristics such as high strength and toughness, low relaxation, strong bond with concrete, good weldability, forgeability, and material savings (e.g., φ11mm PC steel bars can replace φ20mm hot-rolled steel bars). It has been widely used in high-strength prestressed components such as stressed or centrifugally spun piles, electric poles, elevated bridge piers, railway sleepers, etc.

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