Cold Roll Forming


Raw material: Coils, Strips,Plates and other metal materials.
Final product: Specific section profile as Client’s demand
Machinery Application: The cold roll forming production line is customized equipment that can integrate many processes and systems required for production according to the different demands from clients, such as automatic material change system, cutting and stamping system, as well complex welding, riveting, bending, handling and packaging system etc. These systems can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.
The rolling materials of cold roll forming production line include cold-rolled steel strip, hot-rolled steel strip, pickling plate (steel strip), color steel plate (steel strip), galvanized steel strip and stainless steel strip, etc.; The cold roll forming machine can process 0.2mm-12mm thick metal plates reliably; The minimum profile size accuracy can be controlled within 0.2mm, which achieved the cutting edge in the industry.

The high-precision punching and cold roll forming production lines we can supply include:

  1. Automatic production equipment for distribution boxes and power distribution cabinets;
  2. Supermarket and storage shelf series forming production lines (layers, back panels, columns, beams, brackets, P beams, attic Pedal);
  3. Light steel villa series profile production line;
  4. Fire damper/positive pressure air valve series forming production line (C/U/Z valve body, blade, edge strip, assembly line);
  5. Safe deposit box and cabinets of automatic production equipment,
  6. Cable tray forming Production line (trough type, tray type, cover plate, step, step bottom plate);
  7. Granary series forming machine (corrugated board, column, CZ steel);
  8. High-precision curtain rod forming machine;
  9. Photovoltaic bracket forming machine;
  10. Car board forming machine;
  11. Automobile bumper beam forming machine;
  12. Door track,rail profile forming machine;
  13. Stainless steel door frame forming machine;
  14. Heavy door frame forming machine;
  15. Arc roller shutter and T wave roller shutter forming machine
  16. Elevator guide rail forming machine;
  17. Electrical cabinet frame forming machine;
  18. Scaffolding, foot pedal forming machine;
  19. Negative/anode plate forming machine;
  20. Highway guardrail forming machine;
  21. Guardrail and column forming machine;
  22. High-speed keel forming machine;
  23. CZ section steel forming machine;
  24. Floor plate forming machine;
  25. Slitting and cross-cutting machine, etc.